Kiza Bespoke Logo

This year was 1973

He was only five years old, yet with the fire in his eyes for the finest details, he already possessed a way about his grace.

A square pocket in a round hole, velvet in approach but all steel with experience, he modeled an eclectic style and began the journey… blending patterns, fabric, threads, hems and buttons into refined craftsmanship in a way that can only be traced to the origins of the Magi.

Everywhere he went, you would long for a piece of him. The collar off his neck or the crisp lapels that highlighted the broadness of his shoulders. The solid fitted form from his posterior that gave immortal attributes to an ordinary physique - maximalist to the bone, yet, faultless in its engineering.

And the more the people yearned, the more the idea of the Bespoke grew on him. Desires became tangible. Then clothes became a business - a spectacular result that sums years of many successful habits.

So, when you wear a KIZA Bespoke suit, you’re wearing decades of uncompromising heritage. Permanent and non-perishable masterpiece. A lascivious wardrobe statement that can never lose its power.

…Our founder’s style since 1973.